VirtueMart SEO titles

A plugin, for optimizing the product page HTML title tag for search engines and optimizing the pages for content sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

By default, VirtueMart will add the category name before the product name in the HTML page title. The only way to change this is by adding a custom page title in the meta information of the product page. But, this is tedious work for medium or big shops with hundreds or thousands of products.

The most important keyword, on a product page, is usually the product name and SEO experts suggest that the main keyword must be first in the page titles for better results. This plugin helps you either remove the category name from the HTML page title or move it after the product name.

Other plugin features:

  • Adds Facebook OG tags on product and category pages
  • Adds Twitter cards tags on product and category pages
  • Removes the Joomla! generator tag
  • Adds the website name at the end of the page title depending on your global Joomla! settings
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