Hera template version 3.5.0 new features

Version 3.5.0 has been released with some new features that are explained below.

Video tab in product page

A new tab has been added in product page to display videos. The tab is automatically enabled when a custom field has the "Layout position" set to "video".

To be able to display videos in the product video tab you have first to create a custom field type of "Textarea". Please see the image below that has an example of a custom field for videos.

Option to disable rich snippets

An option has been added to disable the product rich snippets in case you are using a 3party plugin with more options. The option is labeled "Disable microdata" and can be found under "Virtuemart Settings" in the template configuration page.

Category thumbs in category module

The template now has the option to display the category thumbnail image on the virtuemart category module. This works only for the top level categories. The new option "Category menu thumbs" is available in "Virtuemart Settings" tab of the template configuration page.

More custom code options

With this version more options for custom css and js code have been added. Now you can add:

  1. Inline custom css in the head.
  2. Inline js scripts in the head just before the closing tag.
  3. Inline js scripts in the body just before the closing tag.

These options can be found under the new "Custom code" tab in the template configuration page. The js code must be added with the <script> </script> tags while the css without the <style></style> tags.

Quantity based prices

If your products have different prices per quantity you can now display them on the product and category pages. You just have to enable the new option "Display Qty prices" that can be found under the "Virtuemart Settings" tab.

Autoclose add to cart pop up

You can now force the add to cart pop up window to close automatically after 2 seconds. The shopper will not have to click all the time the close button when buying multiple products from the category page or variation of the same product on product page.

The new option "Autoclose pop up" is under the "Virtuemart Settings" tab.