Hera version 3.6 with many new features

A new version (3.6.0) of Hera virtuemart template is now available and is packed with many new features, these features are user requests we collected the last months and also features that users payed to be added.

This version is the last version with new features, in the future all releases will have only bug fixes and joomla or virtuemart code updates.

Below are some of the most important new features:

  1. Quick view
  2. Sticky cart
  3. Additional images carousel
  4. 3 levels in category module
  5. A second layout for add to cart buttons
  6. Logo section size
  7. Option to set custom favicon
  8. Related products in tab

Quick view

With quick view you can add products to the cart from the category view quickly, no need to visit the product page, you select options and child products from the pop up window. 

Sticky cart

The sticky cart feature enables the drop down cart module to follow when you scroll down the page. This feature requires the sticky menu feature to be also enabled.

Additional images carousel

When you have a lot of additional images (more than 4) you can now use the additional images carousel feature so they don't get stacked in rows that push your content down and create a long page. The carousel is responsive and mobile friendly supporting touch events also.

3 levels in category module

You can now set and display 3 levels on the virtuemart category module.

A second layout for add to cart buttons

The new button layout is better for mobile devices as it has larger spaces and click area.

Layout 1

Layout 2

Logo section size

You can now set the width of the logo section, there are 3 options :

  1. Default, logo on the left side with width 1/3 of the header.
  2. 50%, logo on the left side with width 50% of the header.
  3. Full width, logo centered and full width.

Option to set custom favicon

Now you can set your custom favicon from within the template settings, this way you dont need to upload it with FTP and it will not be replaced by template updates.

Related products in tab

Related products is now possible to display in a tab, all you need to do is to change the "Layout position" of  the "Related products" custom field to "relatedtabs".