Hera virtuemart template version 3.13.0

A new version of Hera VirtueMart template is available.


  • Fixed bootstrap and MooTools conflicts 
  • Fixed cart page js error
  • Fixed image custom field functionality when using breakdesigns.net custom filters
  • Fixed VirtueMart pagination missing styling when using breakdesigns.net custom filters
  • Fixed skrill payment desktop and mobile layout
  • Compatibility updates for VirtueMart 3.6
  • Updated bootstrap to version 3.4.1
  • Updated Mobile Detect to version 3.8.33
  • Added preorder product stock status. This is for products that have stock but the availability date is in the future.
  • Replaced owl carousel with slick carousel for the additional images of the products
  • New features and optimizations for the mobile header layout 1. Details about this will be added in the documentation soon 
  • New mobile-friendly layout for the order by elements of VirtueMart
  • Optimized the mobile layout of the VirtueMart registration page
  • Related products in add to cart pop up are now hidden on smartphones


You can download the latest version from here: https://www.olympianthemes.com/my-orders.html