Zeus VirtueMart template version 1.3.2

A new version of Zeus VirtueMart template is available, updated for VirtueMart 3.6.


  • Updated files for VirtueMart 3.6
  • Updated quickstart package to Joomla! 3.9.11 and VirtueMart 3.6
  • Updated bootstrap to version 3.4.1
  • Fix for improved page speed score
  • Small CSS fixes
  • Added the ability to display modules in the menu using the separator menu item. Information about this feature will be added soon on the documentation page of Zeus
  • Added support for 3 levels in the default layout of the VirtueMart category module
  • New menu module layout (horizontal) for displaying horizontal menus on any module position
  • New VirtueMart category module layout (horizontal) for displaying the VirtueMart categories on the menu module position as drop-down menu (3 levels)
  • New VirtueMart category module layout (dropdown) for displaying a VirtueMart category inside the main menu using the new feature of the menu item separator

You can download the latest version from here https://www.olympianthemes.com/my-orders.html.